Beer Tasting Evening TONIGHT

Tonight we are jointly hosting a beer tasting evening with Anderson, Wilde & Harris, which takes place from 6pm in the private Tank Room at The Draft House (Chancery).

This private event features beer tasting of a wide range of ales from London and around the world, together with a feast of food and even our very own private Pilsner tap.

Although entry is free, the event is strictly guest list only and all the spaces have been booked up by the leading property professionals in London.

We’ll be joined by investors, developers, estate agents, property finders, barristers, surveyors, architects and real estate¬†finance specialists.

After the success of our wine tasting event last year, the whole team is really looking forward to putting on another professional networking event with a twist.

If you’re coming along, see you soon. Cheers!

Written by James Naylor

Partner, CG Naylor LLP.

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